Photo of stained glass window in St Edmunds Catholic Primary School

Together in God's love


for 125 years of St Edmunds Catholic Primary School

  1. Come to the place we all gather,
    all welcome to share in God's word.
    The voice that cries 'Sorry' or 'Thank you',
    we know that it's God's voice we've heard.
  • Refrain:
    Send your Spirit from above
    on those who are old,
    those who are young;
    we are learning
    together in God's love,
    we are learning
    together in God's love.
  1. Share with us stories of Jesus,
    stories that bring a new birth;
    hearing the words gives us strength
    for building God's kingdom on earth.
  2. Here we remember the people
    who walked in God's presence before;
    we try to learn from their stories
    to open our lives to God more.
© 2007 Mick Truman

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This song was written for the students and staff at St Edmunds Catholic Primary School to help celebrate their 125th anniversary. It was sung during the celebration mass by the Year 4 children (June 2007) who sang so well they received a spontaneous round of applause!

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Together in God's love

© 2007 Mick Truman

Mick Truman: vocals, piano, guitars

February 2007


themes in this song:

Gathering, welcome, celebration, God’s kingdom, Word of God, Gospel, children, God’s word, stories, saints, Spirit, God’s love, learning

liturgical use:

welcoming, gathering, God's word, gospel, children