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Glory to God

Priory Mass

  • Ostinato refrain
    Group 1: Glory to God in the highest.
    Group 2: On earth peace to people of good will.
  1. We praise you,
    we bless you,
    we adore you,
    we glorify you,
    we give you thanks for your great glory,
    Lord God, heavenly King,
    O God, almighty Father.
  2. Lord Jesus Christ, Only Begotten Son,
    Lord God, Lamb of God,
    Son of the Father,
    you take away the sins of the world,
    have mercy on us;
    you take away the sins of the world,
    receive our prayer;
    you are seated at the right hand of the Father,
    have mercy on us.
  3. For you alone are the Holy One,
    you alone are the Lord,
    you alone are the Most High,
    Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit,
    in the glory of God the Father.
    Amen, amen, amen, amen.
music © 1996/2011 Mick Truman
text: The English translation of The Roman Missal
© 2010, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.

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This setting of the Gloria has been revised with the new text from the translation of the Roman Missal 2010

The Priory Mass was written in 1996 for Clare Priory in Suffolk, UK. It has been used during the annual Augustinian pilgrimage to Shrine of Our Lady at Clare Priory on and off since then.

There were a number of people who inspired and encouraged me to write this mass setting, Fr David Middleton and the musicians and singers in the parish especially, but special mention must be made of Fr Laurence Brassill who started the ball rolling by challenging me to write a music for the Penitiential Rite fifteen minutes before he was going to use it in a Mass that we were going to celebrate with a local school. It grew from there to this whole mass setting used with pilgrims to the Priory as well as in other churches around the UK.

The Gospel Greeting has been published in the hymn book Laudate (Decani Music) which is available from their website »

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service, Gloria, Glory to God, Priory

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