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Penitential Rite

St Louis Mass

  1. Celebrant/Cantor:
    For all the times
    that we've not done as we've been asked:
    Lord, have mercy;
    All: Lord, have mercy.
  2. Celebrant/Cantor:
    For all the times
    when we've upset and hurt our friends:
    Christ, have mercy;
    All: Christ, have mercy.
  3. Celebrant/Cantor:
    For all the times
    that we could have been friendlier:
    Lord, have mercy;
    All: Lord, have mercy.
  4. Celebrant/Cantor:
    May Almighty God forgive us our sin:
    All: Amen.
© 1994 Mick Truman

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St Louis Mass was written for the students at St Louis Middle School, Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, UK. It has been used for a number of years successfully with many groups in and out of the school. On a particularly memorable occasion it was sung in the Cathedral with both bishops of the Catholic diocese and Church of England diocese presiding for an anniversary celebration of the school.

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themes in this song:

service, Penitential Rite, forgiveness, saying sorry, mercy, St Louis

liturgical use:

service, gloria, glory to God