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Eucharistic Acclamations

St Edmunds Mass

  1. Celebrant/Cantor:
    You were sent to heal our lives, Lord;
    you were sent to give us life.
  • Refrain:
    Merciful Jesus, send your Spirit upon us.
  1. You were sent to show us love;
    love for one another here.
  2. You came down to earth to heal us;
    show us how to live together.
  3. Cleanse our lives of pain and hatred;
    make us whole in love again.
  4. Show us your mercy, Father;
    we ask this through Jesus, your Son.
  • Final refrain:
    Merciful Jesus, send your Spirit upon us.
  • Celebrant/Cantor: Amen.
    All: Amen.
© 1996 Mick Truman

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St Edmunds Mass was written over a period of time between 1994 and 1996 for St Edmunds Catholic Church in Suffolk, UK.

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Merciful Jesus

© 2007 Mick Truman

Mick Truman - vocals, guitars, keyboard

April 2007


themes in this song:

service, penitential rite, healing, life, mercy, love, cleansing, Spirit, St Edmunds

liturgical use:

service, penitential rite