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Mick Truman has been teaching for more years that he cares to remember! He has taught in primary, middle and secondary schools in the UK. For the past 10 years and more he has been working in special education as a teacher of many subjects.

This website contains some of the work Mick has done whilst working with students with complex learning needs.

"Over the years I have made a wide range of resources for use with students with learning difficulties. I thought I should share them with others looking for solutions for helping students struggling with their learning."

Mick is involved in teaching and managing curriculum and school developments. He is involved in training teachers and others who support students in educational settings and also in raising awareness of special needs issues.

Finding resources that are appropriate for students with learning difficulties but relevant for their age is not always easy. This part of our website and these resources were developed with this in mind.

free resources

These resources are made freely available because we believe that this is one of the good things about the internet revolution - sharing and helping others.

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Many of the resources on this website are in PDF format. You will need a pdf reader like Adobe Reader available free from www.adobe.com »