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Eucharistic Acclamations

Mass of Praise

  • Holy, holy
    Holy, holy, holy Lord,
    God of power and God of might.
    Heaven and earth are full of your glory:
    Hosanna in the highest,
    Hosanna in the highest.
  • Blessed is he, he who comes in the name,
    who comes in the name of the Lord.
    Ho-san-na in the highest,
    Hosanna in the highest.
  • Acclamation
    Christ has died,
    Christ is risen,
    Christ will come again.
  • Great Amen
    ...for ever and ever:
    Amen, amen, amen.
© 2006 Mick Truman

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service, Eucharistic acclamations, holy holy, sanctus, Great Amen, eucharist, acclamation, hosanna, glory, God of power and might, praise

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Eucharistic acclamations, sanctus, acclamation, doxology, Great Amen,