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O Lord, you have been our refuge

Psalm 89

  • Refrain:
    O Lord, you have been our refuge
    from one generation to the next.
    O Lord, you have been our refuge
    from one generation to the next.
  1. You turn men back into dust,
    to your eyes a thousand years are like yesterday,
    come and gone,
    no more like a watch in the night.
  2. You sweep away men like a dream,
    like grass which springs up in the morning,
    in the morning it springs up and flowers,
    by evening it withers and fades.
  3. Make us know the shortness of life
    that we may gain wisdom of heart.
    Lord, relent! Is you anger for ever?
    Show pity on your servants.
  4. In the morning, fill us with your love,
    we shall exult and rejoice all our days.
    Let the favour of the Lord be upon us,
    give success to the works of our hands.
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themes in this song:

refuge, everlasting, wisdom, pity, God's love, rejoice

liturgical use:

responsorial psalm:
OT23 (Year c)