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Let the Lord enter

Psalm 23

  • Refrain:
    Let the Lord enter!
    God is the King of glory!
    Let the Lord enter!
    God is the King of glory!
  1. God, Creator of this bountious earth,
    all the nation, all the peoples,
    it is the Lord who set earth on the seas,
    on waters God set it firm.
  2. Who will climb God's holy mountain?
    Who will stand on holy ground?
    Only those whose deeds are just and right,
    only those whose hearts are pure.
  3. All the blessings of the Lord are yours,
    God will save you as reward.
    Such are those people, those who seek the Lord,
    the face of the God of Jacob.
© 2007 Mick Truman

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themes in this song:

glory, God the King, God the Creator, creation, nations, people, holiness, clean heart, justice, seek God, face of God, blessings, reward, praise

liturgical use:

responsorial psalm:
a4 (year a)