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Taste and see

Psalm 33

  • Refrain:
    Taste and see,
    (O how good is God).
    Taste and see,
    (O how good is God).
  1. I will always bless the Lord,
    God's praise ever on my lips;
    in the Lord my soul is proud,
    the humble shall hear and be glad,
    the humble shall hear and be glad.
  2. Glorify God's name with me,
    together let us praise the Lord,
    when I called God heard my prayer,
    from terrors set me free,
    from terrors set me free.
  3. Look to God, my soul,
    be glad, turn your faces, faces to the Lord;
    the Lord hears all those who call,
    and protects them from their distress,
    and protects them from thier distress
  4. Come, children, come and hear,
    the Word and teaching of God,
    turn your face from evil,
    seek and strive after peace,
    seek and strive after peace.
  5. God sees the ways of good,
    and hears the cry of the just;
    the Lord is close to broken hearts,
    those whose spirit is crushed God will save,
    those whose spirit is crushed God will save.
© 2006 Mick Truman

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themes in this song:

taste and see, blessing, praise, prayer, soul, humble, glory, freedom, children, protection, distress, justice, salvation

liturgical use:

responsorial psalm:
OT19, OT20, OT21 (Year B), L4 (Year C), Peter and Paul