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Lord, you know my ways

Psalm 139

  • Refrain:
    Lord, you know my ways;
    you know when I sleep and when I wake.
    Guide me, O God.
  1. Even before I speak
    you know what I will say.
    You are all around me on ev'ry side,
    protecting me from harm.
  2. You understand my thoughts,
    from far you know my ways.
    Your knowledge of me is too deep and wide
    for me to understand.
  3. Search me and know my heart,
    purge evil from my ways.
    Guide me in the ways of everlasting life,
    for you are God, my King!
© 1996 Mick Truman

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Lord, you know my ways

© 2006 Mick Truman

Mick Truman - vocals, acoustic guitars, piano


themes in this song:

guide, known by God, understanding, guidance, everlasting life, omnipresent, God, praise, wonder, King

liturgical use:

reflection, Responsorial Psalm: