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In the presence of the angels

Psalm 137

  • Refrain:
    In the presence of the angels
    I will sing a song of praise,
    singing songs of thanksgiving
    all of my days.
  1. I thank the Lord with all my heart.
    I bless the Lord of answering my prayer.
  2. "Great is the Lord," (and all the rulers of the earth)
    I will proclaim. (shall sing your glory, sing your praise.)
    I shall not fear, (When days are dark and full of fear.)
    God gives me life and hope.
  3. Stretch out your hand, (For you will never let me go,)
    save me, O Lord. (Your love, O Lord, is without end,)
    Your love, O Lord, (Do not discard the work of your hands.)
    lasts till the end of time.
© 2000 Mick Truman

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themes in this song:

praise, thanksgiving, prayer, hope, eternal love, faith, salvation, everlasting

liturgical use:

Responsorial Psalm:
ot21 (year a), ot5 (year c), ot17 (year c)