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God is my help

Psalm 53

  • Refrain:
    God is my help, my true salvation;
    God gives me life, God gives me hope;
    in God I put my trust.
  1. I call on the name of God,
    "Yahweh, come deliver me
    from those who have no fear,
    no regard for the life you give!"
  2. I cry to the Lord, my God,
    who listens to my voice;
    God hears my words of prayer
    and answers my cry.
  3. The Lord will answer me,
    for God upholds my life.
    I'll praise the name of God,
    in whom is found salvation.
© 1996 Mick Truman

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themes in this song:

help, salvation, hope, trust, prayer, God listens, God answers, Yahweh, deliverance

liturgical use:

responsorial psalm:
ot25 (year b)