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Blessed are you, O God

Tobit 8: 15-17

for Mum and Dad

  1. Let all the saints
    and the angels sing praise:
    Blessings on God for ever.
  • Refrain:
    (repeat after cantor)

    Blessed are you, O God.
    Blessed are you, O God.
  1. Blessed are you for you've made us glad,
    shown great compassion
    on two only children
    and filled their lives with happiness.
    We thank you for your mercy.
© 2010 Mick Truman

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This song was written for my parents 50th wedding anniversary celebrations - August 2010

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themes in this song:

blessed are you, praise, blessings, thanksgiving, God's compassion, hope, happiness, God's mercy, wedding

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