Photo of 2 doors - June 2007

Welcome to our day


for Martina, David, Kristian, Niall and Ciara

  1. Welcome to our day,
    welcome to our day:
    Joined as one, joined as one family.
    Welcome to our day.
  2. Welcome to this place,
    welcome to this place:
    Gathered here all of God's family.
    Welcome to this place.
  3. Welcome to our prayer,
    welcome to our prayer:
    Give us strength, wisdom and guide us, Lord.
    Welcome to our prayer.
  4. Welcome to this feast,
    welcome to this feast:
    Feed us, Lord, feed us the Word of Life.
    Welcome to this feast.
  5. Send us out to bring peace,
    send us out to bring peace:
    As we go filled with God's Spirit,
    send us out to bring peace.
© 2008 Mick Truman

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to celebrate their wedding day- July 2008

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Welcome to our day

© 2008 Mick Truman

Mick Truman: vocals, piano, guitars

Kristian, Niall, Ciara: vocals

July 2008


themes in this song:

welcome, God's family, prayer, strength, wisdom, guidance, feast, Word of Life, peace, God's Spirit

liturgical use:

gathering, welcome, Thanksgiving, wedding, celebration