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As we walk the way with Jesus


for the Children's Liturgy Group at St Edmunds Parish

  • As we walk the way with Jesus,
    we remember, we remember,
    we remember his love for us.
words © 2008 Anita Fildes
music © 2008 Mick Truman

This music was written for the Way of the Cross service at St Edmunds Catholic Church, Bury St Edmunds. It is sung during the movement from one station to the next as everyone assembles ready for the next reading, reflection and prayers.

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As we walk the way with Jesus

© 2008 Anita Fildes and Mick Truman

Mick Truman: vocals, piano, guitars

March 2008


themes in this song:

walk with Jesus, suffering, love, crucifxion, redemption, children

liturgical use:

The way of the cross, Stations of the Cross, Lent, Good Friday