Photo of Priory School in autumn 2006

Working together


for the Priory School choir and signing choir

  1. That’s the way to get things done,
    together – not one by one!
    Work as a team
    to make time seem
    zoom past just like a dream!
  • Refrain:
    Work together, getting along,
    walking the road, sharing the load,
    we are working together as one,
    we are working together as one!
  1. Together it’s much more fun,
    feels like it’s over before it’s begun!
    With others, it’s fast,
    the task doesn’t last
    and two heads are better than one.
© 2008 Honor Worthington and Mick Truman

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This song was written for the students at Priory School in Suffolk. 'Working together' is the school motto and although it was not intended as a hymn, it contains a message.

This song was written for the school choir and signing choir to perform at Snape Maltings during the week-long Celebration of Schools' Music (March 2008).

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themes in this song:

working together, tolerance, teamwork, sharing, effort, learning

liturgical use: