Photo of peacock, Rede Hall Farm 2000

Who put the colours in the rainbow


  1. Who put the colours in the rainbow?
    Who put the fishes in the sea?
    Who sent the rain the make the crops grow?
    Who made you and me?
  2. Who gave us fruit so we could harvest?
    Who gave the food so we can eat?
    Who showed us how to love each other,
    ev'ry stranger that we meet?
  3. Who sent the rain to help the crops grow?
    Food for us to live;
    grace for us to know.
    Friendship to treasure,
    growing as we grow,
    harvesting the love that we sow.
© 1996 Mick Truman

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This song has taken the first two lines from the hymn of the same name by Paul Booth. I was asked to write this for a harvest festival in Honington, Suffolk with some students with special educational needs who had been studying changes in farming over the last 100 years. It's first performance was in a barn in the village of Honington with Rev Sally Fogden leading the service and 16 students singing with geat enthusiasm!

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themes in this song:

harvest, thanksgiving, creation, wonder, trust, faith, love, sharing, children

liturgical use:

harvest, thanksgiving