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Praise to the Lord our God


  1. Praise to the Lord, our God,
    for such abundant love,
    found in all Creation,
    shared in bread and wine.
  • Refrain:
    Come in to our hearts,
    come in to our lives,
    Jesus, source of life;
    Come in to our hearts,
    come in to our lives,
    Jesus, Saviour, come!
  1. Thanks be to you, Lord God,
    for sending us your Son,
    present here among us now,
    as a sign of love.
  2. Here on the earth we wait
    for you to come again;
    send to us your Spirit, Lord,
    fill our hearts with love.
© 1995 Mick Truman

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themes in this song:

Advent, preparation of gifts, praise, God's love, creation, thanksgiving, waiting, Spirit, love, trust, creation, bread and wine, God's presence, Saviour

liturgical use:

Advent, Lent, Preparation of the gifts (Offertory)